Digital Partners For Revenue Growth

What We Do

Strand is a digital marketing group that connects brands to new, targeted audiences to achieve significant revenue growth outside of Google, Facebook, and Amazon.

Digital Growth Strategy

We are experts at strategically coordinating marketing operations with digital media and lead generation tactics that compel consumers to act.

Marketing Operations

We build relationships with digital publishers that provide new customers with guaranteed inventory in the private marketplace on a performance basis.

Performance Media

With a unique focus on driving Direct to Consumer growth, we specialize in finding your audience, reaching them, and getting them to respond.

Our Partners

That “other” market is growing in size, and we’ve been able to navigate through these emerging marketing opportunities on behalf of clients to find really significant revenue scale while taking care to control the brand presentation & reputation.

Founding Partners

We are three friends that share a drive to make an impact. Whether that is generating revenue growth or building relationships, we strive to bring immense value to our partners. The digital marketing universe is constantly changing, which makes the work we do even more fulfilling and exciting. And while we live and breathe data, the goals of our clients are always the mission.

Ethan Wright

Managing Partner

Ethan had eight years of experience in engineering design before he made the transition to digital marketing. With an engineer’s mindset and talent for precision, his focus is program management and the operational level of effort to drive the highest revenue growth.

Jocelyn Uhls

Managing Partner

Jocelyn has over thirteen years of experience in product, technology, and the consumer journey. She has a unique ability to develop a customer-centric marketing strategy, and translate it seamlessly to system architects, developers and UX designers.

Matt Linder

Managing Partner

Matt is an Omni-Channel Direct Response marketer with over fourteen years of experience with continuity subscription, partnership marketing, and telemarketing, among many other channels. He is an expert at recognizing key emerging trends to integrate into media plans in order to achieve goals.


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